Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad Quilts - February's Quilt Guild Article

Hee hee.  I love MOBA.  Ugly quilt night didn't go over as well as I'd hoped, but it's always nice for the newer quilters to see that more experienced quilters didn't always know what they were doing and that they can still take a wrong turn here or there.  Pretty much, if you're new to anything, don't compare yourself to experts.  Do what makes you happy.

February is the SCQ “Display of Bad Quilts” Month!

As I mentioned at our January meeting, we’re going to celebrate our bad quilts this month.  We’ve all made something that wasn’t quite what we’d hoped to make.  Often we’re too obsessed with matching corners, pointy triangles and perfect color balance in our quilts.  We typically bring in our best quilts for show and tell.  This month we’re going to show our quilts that fall short of our intentions.

I was inspired by the Museum of Bad Art ( in Boston.  Their tagline is “Art Too Bad to Be Ignored”.  I don’t think that our quilts will quite live up to their low standards, but it should be fun to try!  Go check out their website.  I highly recommend viewing “Lucy in the Field with Flowers” from their online collection.  This painting started the museum when it was rescued from a trash pile on the street. 

Don’t forget to work on those quilts for the displays at the Old Jail Museum and the library!  They’ll be due sooner than we all think.  To help you make more time in your day, here’s a link to a blog with lots of crock-pot recipes.  The writer made something in her crock-pot for a year.  The recipes are all reviewed, too!  Just start dinner in the morning and quilt all day.  When it’s time to serve, smear a little flour on your face and pretend you cooked all day!  Your family will never know & I’ll certainly keep your secret!


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