Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Year's Goals - January's Quilt Guild Article

I should really keep up with these.  I could go for a little chilly weather (ok, something in the 60s) and more football right about now!

This past year has been great for the Sugar Creek Quilters!  We’ve had lots of quilts donated to charities.  We’ve had great participation in our Study Groups, fantastic programs and lots of opportunities to learn new things.

My main SCQ goals for the new year are for all of this continue and grow.  I’d also like to see our group grow in membership numbers.  Try and think of someone that you know who may be interested in seeing what our group is all about!  Then invite them to a meeting!  I’m considering a special night for guests later this spring, too!

My personal quilting goals are simple.  I plan to finish some long-abandoned UFOs.  There are three in particular from past workshops.  They are the appliqued initial wallhanging, the reversible log cabin tablecloth and the primitive applique piece.  Yes, a couple of these are close to 5 years old.  I’ve found that in the last few years it is much easier to finish projects that are for other people than for myself.  What are your quilting goals for 2010?

As I write this, it’s 15 degrees outside with a wind-chill of 4.  Brr!  I’m certainly happy to be inside and watching the Colts play in Buffalo and not one of the fans watching in their outdoor stadium!  I love being a quilter in the wintertime.  There’s nothing better than draping an almost-finished quilt across your lap while you are sewing the binding to the back.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy Cannoli - My Nephew J is 14 Today!

I called my nephew J to tell him "Happy Birthday" today.  I jokingly asked if he was turning 11 or 12.  He says, "No, I'm 14.  I can drive in a year and a half!".

Wait, WHAT?!?!

Someone is going to give him a learner's permit in a year and a half?

This is the boy who, when he was small, downed a Kool-Aid Burst while his little friends egged him on with a chanted "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!", giving my sister an unpleasant glimpse into the frat-boy years.

This is the boy who went to a birthday party, had a smidge of pizza, and a whole lot of brownies, came home and ate some candy, then was too full for dinner but miraculously talked his dad into a Mountain Dew.  We peeled him off of the ceiling 3 days later after the sugar buzz finally ended*.  The entire event made Hammy the Squirrel from "Over the Hedge" look lethargic in comparison.

This is a kid that's going to get a learner's permit in 18 months?  Stay out of Wisconsin after February 12, 2012.

*My sister would leave me alone to care for our mother in her elder years if I didn't say that she wasn't there when crapfest happened and that she's very conscientious of what her kids eat.