Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wishing for Warmer Days...

It is cold here & only getting colder throughout the week. I want to go back here ---->

My mom, sister, brothers & I went on a cruise 4 years ago. It was fantastic! Warm sun, sandy beaches, warm sun, beautiful ocean, midnight buffet, warm sun, maid service... did I mention warm sun?

I made this wall hanging for my mom to commemorate our trip. It includes the picture of our ship when it was docked in the Bahamas (where we spent a day on the beach & lying in hammocks beneath the palm trees). I also have a pictures of a sand castle, our family, a towel dog and Miami as we were leaving on the ship.

It makes me happy to think of it on cold days like today, when I could really use some sun. I think I'll make one of the trip that my husband and I took to Germany sometime, too. Check out my Etsy store. I can make something like this for you, too!