Brownie Troop 7078

This page is just info for my Brownies' parents.

Helpful Links

Badge Overview

What Brownies Do and Skill Building Badge Requirements

Legacy Badges
(Includes a drop down link where you can access the Cookie Business and Financial Literacy badge requirements).

Badge Placement (GSUSA site)

Troop Patch Placement

Badges sent home April 30th.

Patches that go on the back of the vest.

The top 3 are new.  From left to right they are - Potter, Senses and Meet My Customers.

Full Front left side of vest.  The triangles can go in any order on that side.

  Fall Badges

Badges they've earned.  From left to right - Dancer, Artist, My Best Self, Girl Scout Ways, and First Aid (the 6th badge is the snack badge, which was not earned as a troop). 

This is the set of badges for the Brownie Quest journey that the girls earned this fall.

These are the patches for the back of the vest.  They are not "official" patches.  Your daughter may not have all of them.  If you have any questions, please ask me.

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