T-Shirt Quilt Guidelines

Everything I'll need from you to make a fantastic quilt from your shirts!  It may seem fussy, but it will get you your best quilt!

1. Please be sure that all shirts have been washed (at least twice for red shirts) and thoroughly dried (otherwise they may start growing mold during shipping). Colors from unwashed shirts may bleed. Typically it isn't a problem as most shirts have been worn multiple times. (But I wouldn't say it if it hasn't happened at least once).

2. What would you like on the quilt label? Typically I'll include the t-shirt owner's name and year quilt was made at a minimum, in addition to washing instructions and my logo. If it is a gift, a message from you is nice.

3. What color of fabric would you like for the backing and binding? You don't have to decide now. I can give you suggestions after I see your shirts.

4. Would you like to cut the shirts in half yourself (removing the non-patterned side from the patterned side to save on shipping)? If so, I'll send you instructions. If you prefer that I cut them, please label shirts with multiple designs. I just need to know which designs you want me to use. (You can even write on the neck with a pen or marker).

***This is only for quilts that have all same-sized squares.***
5.  Will your t-shirt designs fit into a 12" square or a 15" square?  To test this, you can measure the design with a ruler.  Don't have one?  Take a piece of paper (plain old 8.5" x 11" printer paper works perfectly!).  Place it on top of the design.  If the entire design fits under the long side of the paper, or just barely peeks out, the 12" size will work for you (be sure to check length and width).

If your designs are larger, you can check the size with some dollar bills.  You'll need 3.  Line two up length-wise.   Fold the third in half and add it to the line-up (each bill is 6" long, this gives you a 15" length).  Use the length of bills to check height and width of the design. (Photos coming soon!)