Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy Cannoli - My Nephew J is 14 Today!

I called my nephew J to tell him "Happy Birthday" today.  I jokingly asked if he was turning 11 or 12.  He says, "No, I'm 14.  I can drive in a year and a half!".

Wait, WHAT?!?!

Someone is going to give him a learner's permit in a year and a half?

This is the boy who, when he was small, downed a Kool-Aid Burst while his little friends egged him on with a chanted "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!", giving my sister an unpleasant glimpse into the frat-boy years.

This is the boy who went to a birthday party, had a smidge of pizza, and a whole lot of brownies, came home and ate some candy, then was too full for dinner but miraculously talked his dad into a Mountain Dew.  We peeled him off of the ceiling 3 days later after the sugar buzz finally ended*.  The entire event made Hammy the Squirrel from "Over the Hedge" look lethargic in comparison.

This is a kid that's going to get a learner's permit in 18 months?  Stay out of Wisconsin after February 12, 2012.

*My sister would leave me alone to care for our mother in her elder years if I didn't say that she wasn't there when crapfest happened and that she's very conscientious of what her kids eat.

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