Friday, August 21, 2009

Twitter Induced Road Trip

Ok, it wasn't really a road trip. It was just a morning of shopping, but I had to drive at least a half-hour through corn fields to get there. That has to count for something, right? Here's a pic of the corn fields.

The kiddos and I went to a Borders (as there are no bookstores in my town). I had to pick up a copy of Opposite of Love by Julie Buxbaum for my Twitter book club. I'm supposed to start reading it tonight. Hmm... not looking good for that. Maybe tomorrow.

Then, thanks to @KyNamDoan, I had a giant Panera craving. Luckily, this particular Borders was attached to a Panera. We stopped by before book shopping for a morning snack. It was a 3-wipe chocolate chip bagel with loads of cream cheese for the kids. (Note to self: go with something a bit less messy next time).

Between the bagels and books, we had a bit of time to walk around (I thought Borders opened at 9, but it didn't open until 10 - oops!). The shopping area is located next to a river. There is a lovely walking bridge over the river and a train station on the other side. The little guy is a HUGE train fan. We were lucky enough to see a train passing by when we were looking at the tracks. This is the only pic I took near the bridge. It's a fountain that is in front of the bridge.

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