Monday, April 13, 2009

But I'm a Quilter, not a Dressmaker!

In a foolish moment, I bought a pattern for a dress I thought my daughter could wear for Easter. It was cute. It was fairly inexpensive. I can sew - how hard can it be? I've made clothing before. Sure, it's only been costume items - a super-easy princess dress and some clown pants, but there are instructions, right? Then, delusions still firmly in place, I went one step further and actually bought the fabric. There was no turning back now. To make matters worse, I put off making the dress until tax time. Taxes trumped dress & I didn't start the thing until Thursday before Easter. How much time should one little dress take? I'll tell you. FOREVER! Technically not forever, since I actually finished it, but I think I went a little more gray while making it. Most of the gray was stressing over putting in the zipper, which I didn't think was part of the pattern when I bought it. I swear that little requirement showed up after I bought fabric. Really, I do. I'm proud to say that it only took one try to get it in & it looks fairly good for my first one since 7th grade home ec!

Most importantly, my daughter looked adorable in her little dress Easter morning!

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Mary said...

Being a dressmaker is much easier than being a quilter! Dresses are far more forgiving and they aren't as boring. Looks like you did alright. I'm sure your daughter loved it.

I have always sewn garments, curtains and upholstery. Never considered quilting because I am not that meticulous. Kids grew up and house doesn't need much anymore. Now I am quilting.