Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Moon in the Morning

Recently my daughter B had her first encounter with astronomy. The other morning we looked out of the nursery window and there was the moon. Not an extraordinary event, but we don't often see the moon at that time of day. This was of great concern to B since she's supposed to stay in bed until the sun is up. In her mind, the sun and moon can't be up at the same time. We explained that sometimes the moon stays up too late (the moon is nocturnal, so the morning is its bedtime) and we can see it in the mornings. This seemed to work and B was incredibly excited and we rushed out to take pictures. We didn't take the time to get dressed, but she slowed enough to grab her Tinkerbell cell phone so she could take her own shots. She didn't want to come in even though it was quite chilly for a September morning.

I'm very excited about her interest in anything scientific since I'm a math/ science kind of person (so is her dad). Maybe she'll be a great astronomer and make Pluto a planet again. Maybe she'll just continue to look into the sky with the same wonder and excitement she had that morning. I'd be happy either way.


Arctida said...

Ooohhh, she is adorable! Mine is 2 and a half and she is already interested in mommies old organic chemistry molecule models :) Lets keep our fingers crossed that whey will also grow up to be scientists :) but off course we will love them even if they choose not to :)

Aroma Fields said...

What a cutie she is!

little red hen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I think yoour little sock babies are cute as is your little one! I'll have to come back and read some more before I decide what I'll make for you!